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Kate lifts her head and her eyes widen. “Already?”

I raise my brows. “We’ve missed a lot of quality time lately. Apparently my dick would like to make up for every second of it. You game?”

I rotate my hips, and she moans just a little.

I’ll take that as a yes.

Chapter 28


A few hours and three orgasms later, we’re laying side by side facing each other. Sharing a pillow. The pillow.

“Say it again.”

It’s the tenth time she’s asked me. But I don’t mind. I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face if she wants me to.

“I love you, Kate.”

She sighs. It sounds content. “I’m going to be really clingy and needy for the next few weeks. You should be prepared.”

“I’ll be insecure and jealous. It’ll work out great.”

There’s a smile in her voice. “You told me you don’t get jealous.”

I shrug. “I also told you I wasn’t going to lie to you ever again.”

Her hands comb through the back of my hair gently. “When did you know?”

I smile. “The first time you let me come inside you without a rubber.”

She yanks my hair. Hard.

“Ow! Jesus!”

Her voice is exasperated, like a mother who just caught her kid snagging an off-limits cookie for the tenth time.

“Drew. That doesn’t sound very romantic.”

“You don’t think so?”

I find the strength to lift my head, and then I lower it down over her already hardened nipple. I suck at it, tease it with my teeth, before slowly letting it go with a pop.

“Because I happen to think coming inside you is very, very romantic.”

As I start to give the other beauty the same treatment, she gasps. “That’s a good point.”

I chuckle. “They all are, sweetheart.”

Laying my head back down, I drag my fingertip up her arm, fascinated by the goose bumps that rise up as I go.

“Aren’t you going to ask me when I knew?” she asks.

“When you knew what?”

Kate rolls onto her stomach. And her hair swings over her shoulder, reaching the skin on my ribs. Tickling it like a feather. It’s arousing. Sensual. And just like that, I’m ready to go again.

Edward Cullen can take his stupid heroin and OD on it. Kate is my own personal brand of Viagra.

“When I knew I was in love with you.”

Have you noticed that Kate hasn’t returned any of my “I love you”s? I certainly have. But like I said—I try not to put much faith in words. Actions tell you more. And every move Kate makes tells me that we’re on the same page.

Still, I’m kind of curious.


She leans forward and kisses my eyes…my cheeks…and then the tip of my nose before planting a sweet one on my lips. Then she leans back. “Do you remember that day in my office? After Billy and I broke up, and I was crying?”

I nod.

“I should have been devastated—I was—for a little while. But then you came in, and you put your arms around me. And I never wanted you to let go. It was like everything I’d always needed, anything I’d ever wanted, was right there in front of me. And that’s when I knew. That, somehow, you’d sucked me in, and I was totally in love with you.” She laughs softly. “I was so scared…”

I bet.

“…because I never in a million years thought you’d feel the same way.”

I brush my thumb across her beautiful bottom lip. “I already did, Kate. I just didn’t know it.”

She smiles and lays her head back down on the pillow. Her voice is soft and sincere.

“Yeah. You can be a real dumbass sometimes.”

Was that what you thought she was going to say? Me neither.

“Excuse me?”

She cocks a brow smugly. “I’m just saying, if you look at our history—”

Before she can finish, I’ve got her pinned under me, her back to my chest. “Those are fighting words Kate.” My fingers travel down her ribs slowly. Torturously. She starts to squirm, and her ass rubs against my cock.

It’s nice.

“Take it back.”


My fingers move light and fast over her. Tickling her without mercy.

“Say, ‘Drew Evans is a god. A brilliant, genius god.’”

She bucks and shrieks, “Drew! Stop! Stop!”

I don’t let up. “Ask me nicely and maybe I will. Beg me for it.”

She laughs even while she’s screaming. “Never!”

You know what they say about never, don’t you?

Oh yeah—this is going to be fun.

She begged.

Did you have any doubt? Then she got on top of me, and I was the one begging.

Now I’m lying with my head at Kate’s feet, massaging them. Her head’s on my thigh. Want to know how we ended up in this position? Nah—I’ll let you use your imagination.

“So, what did Alexandra say to you?” I ask her.


I bend my elbow and rest my head on my hand so I can see Kate’s face. She looks completely exhausted. Worn out. Un-gently used. It’s a really good look for her.

“The other day, in your office, before you agreed to go out with me. You seemed different. More…receptive. Did she threaten you?”

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