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I push the wide head of my cock past her wet folds. Then I thrust once, breaking her cherry and surrounding my shaft with her tight wetness. The need to cum inside her is stronger than I could have imagined. My primal instinct is to rut and breed, but I’m gripping on to my control with the barest restraint. It’s taking all the power I have to remain still while she adjusts to the new sensation.

I kiss her lips softly, trying to distract her from any discomfort she feels. But sooner than I’d thought possible, she brings her other leg around my hip and deepens the kiss.

“More,” she moans. “Move inside me. I want to feel all of you.”

I do as she desires and slowly pull out before pushing back in almost immediately. I miss the heat of her pussy too much to pull out, so instead I just grind against her. The feeling of her wrapped around me is pure paradise, and I don’t want to spend a second outside of her heat.

“Again!” she cries, closing her eyes and throwing her head back.

I’m only so strong and do again as she commands. I pull out and thrust back in, and this time I keep going, giving her exactly what she wants and giving it to her harder when she demands. My dick is a pleasure tool for her, and I will make it my goal in life to use him as she orders. My cock will be her personal dictatorship.

“All for you, my Giselle.”

Her orgasm builds much faster this time, and she’s clawing at my clothes while she peaks. I wish I was bare chested so she could mark me as hers, but I’ll save that for later tonight. Once I’ve bred her right here on this couch, I’m going to take her to the balcony and announce I’ve chosen my queen. Then I’m going to carry her into my royal chambers and continue what we’ve begun.

The thought of her round with my child is a vision too intense to control. I cum inside her waiting womb, hard and long. I try to hold myself up, but I end up collapsing on top of her and have to try to push myself off her. But as I go to lean back, she pulls me down again.

“I love how heavy you are on top of me,” she whispers, and then licks the lobe of my ear.

Warm chills run down my back, and I want her all over again. I want to rut and fuck and breed her for hours. But first, I want everyone out of my castle. Except my Gigi.

“My sweet love. That was so perfect. You were perfect.” I tuck a strand of hair behind her ear as I stare down at her beautiful green eyes.

She blushes at my compliment, and I give her a soft kiss before I rub my nose against hers.

“Stay with me tonight. Let me love every inch of you in a bed big enough to hold all of our babies.” She bites her lip and nods. “You’re mine forever.”

When I pull out of her, we both groan at the loss. I pull her panties back over her to cover her pussy and catch any of the cum that may try to leak out of her. I need to get her on her back again soon.

I help her put her dress back in order, then reach up under her dress and pull her panties down her legs. She steps out of them and I put them into my pocket. I kiss each breast before covering them with her dress. The touches and tastes only make me want to undress her again, but I have to stay strong. Just a few more moments and I can have her for a lifetime. It’s what I keep telling myself when my urges get the best of me.

We both laugh and kiss as we dress, neither of us wanting to leave this room. But I know that what waits outside will be the beginning of our happily ever after, and I’m in a hurry to start that.

I take her hand and kiss it before leading her out of the room. “You’ve made me a happy man,” I tell her, running a finger down her cheek.

“This is the most magical night of my life,” she says, rising on her tiptoes to kiss me.

I smile and lean down the rest of the way, giving her what she wants. Then I open the door, and we walk out, heading towards the crowd.

Chapter 5


When we walk out of the room towards the ballroom, I feel completely different this time. He pulls me close to him, and it’s like he’s somehow proud of me. Proud to be with me. He’s standing tall and smiling from ear to ear as he walks confidently with me on his arm. I feel sexy, having done such naughty things earlier, and now here we are in a crowd of people who have no idea what just happened. I blush at the thought.

He kisses the top of my head as we move through the room, letting anyone who’s looking know that I’m his. People turn to look at us, and some of the confidence I was feeling a minute ago wavers at all the beautiful women in gowns. It’s then, as their eyes follow our every move, I realize I don’t even know who my mystery man is.

“Everyone is looking at us. Are you sure my outfit is really okay?” I turn a little to look up at him. He stops moving through the room to look down at me. Again the giant smile on his face lights up his beautiful blue eyes.

“I already told you, you’re the most beautiful woman here.” He leans in and softly kisses my lips in a quick but sweet kiss. “The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life.”

My cheeks warm at his words, and now I can really feel everyone’s eyes on me.

“Who are you?” I ask, starting to think maybe he’s the reason everyone is looking at him. They even shuffled out of his way when we were moving through the room.

His head cocks to the side. “You don’t know who I am?”

I shake my head. “I don’t really know who anyone is,” I admit. “I should probably tell you that I’m a princess. My brother is King Ethan Merrick. He took over the throne for my father just recently. I should have said something earlier, but…” I let my words trail off as my cheeks heat once again.

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