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I try to move a little closer to the end of the bed without falling off. I had some pain before, but it’s long gone, and this achy need overrides everything else. His mouth is so close to me, and I want it on me. The ache is turning into a throb. I can feel my nipples tighten even more.

He leans in a little more, lightly kissing one thigh then moving to the other. I can’t pull my eyes away from him on his knees in front of me, kissing me so softly. So sweetly.

“Karim,” I plead.

“Call me King.”

“My King. Please. I need you.” A growling sound fills the room, and his mouth is on me. I fall back onto the bed, my legs spreading wide for him. His big hands grab my hips, pulling my bottom all the way to the edge of the bed as he begins devouring me. It feels like his mouth is everywhere, and I scream out as he takes me over the edge, but he doesn’t stop. The pleasure becomes too much. I try to jerk away, but his hold is unbreakable as he keeps eating at me, sending me over into another orgasm even more intense than the last.

“I don’t think I can take any more,” I pant, not even sure if I’m stringing a sentence together.

“I can’t stop. You taste like both of us. You taste like you belong to me,” he says against me before going back to making love to my body with his mouth. My back comes off the bed as I feel another orgasm rip through me, right before I pass out cold.

Chapter 10


“Fuck,” I moan in my sleep. The feeling of wet heat on my cock wakes me up, and the vision I open my eyes to nearly kills me.

Giselle slides her wet pussy down on my length and then sits up, pressing all of her weight on me. I reach up, taking her lush tits in both hands and pinching her nipples.

“I like waking you up,” she says as she circles her hips.

“I like you waking me up.” I moan at the feel of her tight cunt wrapped around me. My balls ache to cum inside her, and I don’t know how long I can last. “Be still, sweet princess. I don’t want to spill too soon.”

I run my hands down her stomach and rounded hips. She bites her lip and shakes her head as she begins to move her full, soft body on top of me.

“Please,” I groan, and close my eyes. I can’t look at her while she does it, so I try to think of baseball or something besides the goddess riding my cock. “You’re going to kill me.”

“I like making you lose control.” There’s heat in her words, and I grit my teeth, trying not to imagine her honey-brown hair falling around her in waves.

“I can’t…” I choke out as I grip her hips hard and open my eyes.

I stare at the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen as I cum inside her womb, filling her with what she was trying to steal from me. I can feel the beat of my heart in my ears as I roar with satisfaction at releasing into my bride. My princess.

When the last of the pulses in my cock stop, I take a deep breath and try to catch up with my heart. Her giggle makes me growl, and I roll us over so that she’s pinned under me.

“You loved that, didn’t you?” I say, giving her a wicked smile as I thrust my hard length into her. The sticky cum spreads between us as she takes all of me.

“Almost as much as I love you,” she says, kissing my chest.

I grit my teeth because the feel of her mouth on me drives me insane. And the lower half of my body takes over and begins to rut on top of her.

“I need to breed you,” I say, putting my weight on her and burying my face in her neck.

“Yes, King. I’m yours.” She wraps her legs around my waist and raises her hips for me.

The feel of her warm body under mine is driving my animal instincts. But there is still a part of me that knows to be gentle with my precious love and to make sure her pleasure always comes first.

Reaching between us, I feel the thickness of my cock sliding in and out of her pretty cunt. I run my fingers through our passion and then bring them up to stroke her clit.

“If you cum and then take my seed your body will make the baby strong and healthy. An heir conceived in passion will rule with virtue and strength. Create the life that will rule my kingdom and bless our marriage.” I take her lips in a fierce kiss as I feel her body respond to my touch.

I slowly rock every inch of myself in and out of her as I pet her clit. The hard, little pearl is begging for my tongue, and I’ll give it to her once she takes my release.

She shudders under me, and then she closes her eyes and throws her head back. She’s lost to the pleasure, and I watch as pink blossoms across her chest and up her neck.

“Karim,” she moans, and her hands cling to my shoulders as she cums on my cock.

I can feel the slickness of her release, and I move my hand from her pussy to her hips and hold her still as I pour my cum into her. The throb of my cock beats in time with her cunt, and I press my forehead to hers as I grunt out my seed.

Waves of heat move down my back and out of my cock. Every muscle in my body locks tight, and it’s like the first time all over again. My vision blurs, and I have to brace myself so that I don’t crush her.

“Wow,” she exclaims, and there’s a little giggle to her voice.

“Exactly,” I say, taking her lips in a slow, sweet kiss.

We stay in that position for a long time, just kissing and petting each other. I don’t want to pull out, and she doesn’t seem to be in a hurry for me to get off her.

“There are plans to be made, princess,” I say, rubbing my nose against hers.

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