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I wanted to thank him, but at the same time, I felt so guilty. “Max, I can afford my own car. Was it because I told you I could only get a specific kind? You’ve already done so much for me. I can’t take this, too. I feel awfully guilty.”

Max cupped my face with both of his hands. “Don’t feel that way. I want to take care of you. Let me make you happy; that makes me happy too. Don’t take it away.” Sighing, he placed his forehead on mine, then his lips tenderly stroked mine. It was so soft and gentle, yet powerful, making me want more. When he pulled away, I slowly broke out of my daze and watched him do the same, as his eyes set on mine with lust, waiting for my reply.

After what he had just said, how could I refuse? I wanted to make him happy and if this were one way, then I would have to let it go. “Okay,” I sighed, but I barely got the word out. Max was already devouring me with his lips again. Shortly after, he let go with the pull of his teeth on my bottom lip. A soft, sensual growl escaped his mouth while his hand ran over my breast, and then stopped.

“I don’t want to give them a free show,” he said. “Let’s get out of here before I really give them one.”

“Where are we going?” I asked, feeling electric tingles throughout my body.

“Back to our place, Ms. Mefferd. You’ve been very naughty today. You have no idea how turned on I am right now. I’m going to have to punish you until you can’t take it anymore.” Then he drove off with the thunderous roar coming from his car.

Holy Jesus! I think I’ve just combusted from his hot words and the anticipation of what he was about to do to me.


MAX AND JENNA HAD gone car shopping so I had the apartment to myself. I didn’t mind having Max over, but it was nice to have some solitude.

I hadn’t planned on going out today, so I stayed in my PJs and didn’t even bother to brush my hair. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw my hair was wild, kind of sexy, and made me look like a hooker. Laughing, I grabbed my empty water glass from last night and headed toward the kitchen. The aroma of my favorite thing to eat for breakfast filled my nostrils, and suddenly my stomach panged deeply with hunger.

Wow, how strange! Someone was cooking. Had I misunderstood Jenna? I could’ve sworn they’d left. Feeling groggy, I didn’t even bother to reply back when she had said she was leaving. I figured she would assume I was asleep since I didn’t answer.

“Jenna?” I murmured. I started blinking my eyes, wondering if what I was seeing was real. Seeing a stranger in front of me, I was just about to scream when I realized I knew that masculine figure. I was taking in how good he looked. He was wearing dark navy slacks and a pin striped, black and blue dress shirt. He had the sleeves rolled midway up his arms. The shirt clung nicely to his upper body, and he was way too sexy for my eyes. Matthew was cooking. He was using my kitchen utensils and my food without even asking.

“Wh…wh…what are you doing here and h…how did you get inside?” I stuttered. Then suddenly, the glass I was holding slipped out of my hand, crashing onto the floor, splattering glass shards around me. Thankfully, it was empty.

After he flinched from the sound, his vision went straight to my top, then down to the floor. Shit! I wasn’t wearing a bra and the T-shirt I had on was form-fitting, cutting in midriff, and showing more than enough.

“Sorry to scare you.” He reached for the broom that was in the space between the refrigerator and the stove. “Max and Jenna let me in. I stopped by to bring you a cup of hazelnut, and since I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I assumed you hadn’t either. I thought I’d cook some for us.”

He brought me a cup of my favorite coffee and he cooked me eggs? No guy had ever cooked for me before. No guy ever bothered to find out my favorite coffee either; recalling when he smelled my coffee at our last encounter…that was smooth.

When he came towards me, I crossed my arms and retreated, uncertain how much of my breast he saw. That’s when I jerked my leg up and yelped in pain. I had stepped on glass while barefoot.

Matthew’s expression on his face turned from boyish grin to a look of concern. “Don’t move. Let me help you.”

I wanted to refuse, but seeing blood pool under my foot made me so nauseous that I had no other choice. Planting my hand on the cabinet door for support, I waited for Matthew’s help. Quickly he swept the floor so he could get a clear path. With one effortless move, he picked me up and headed for my bedroom.

As he carried me, I held my breath in fear that somehow I would let him know that I was attracted to him. I could feel his bulging muscles against my back as he held me steady. When he laid me down on my unmade bed, I thought about pulling him on top of me and making it look like I had accidently done it, but I resisted by looking away. I couldn’t look him in the eyes, certain I would never want to look away.

Since I still had my arms crossed over my br**sts, he suddenly took my blanket and covered them. That was very considerate of him, since most men I knew would be gawking at them. Especially since I’d been told I had a “nice set” that many women envied. I was also impressed at how calm he was and how he was willing to take care of me.

“Where are your medical supplies?” Matthew asked, slowly raking his hair back, causing his hard toned muscles to flex as he looked concerned.

I wish he wouldn’t do that again. He did it so appealingly. “In the kitchen. Top right cabinet over the sink,” I winced. Matthew headed to the kitchen. After the sound of few cabinets opening and closing, he came back with a small bag and some paper towels.

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