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Becky snatched me so fast I sucked in air. Hugging me tightly, I thought she was going to crush me. “I feel the same,” she bawled.

“Then be my maid of honor,” I said.

Becky pulled back, opening her eyes as wide as she could. “Hell, yes!” she shouted. “I better be the one.” Then her excitement settled. “It will be my honor. I humbly accept,” she said, as she made a feeble attempt at a curtsey. We both busted out laughing, causing the tears to flow even more.

“Everything okay back there?” Max asked. “We need to take off.”

Wiping away the evidence that we had been crying, Becky and I headed to our seats. Later, when we had the chance to talk again, we could exchange the details of our Valentine’s dates. I knew she was dying to know the details of how Max proposed. I couldn’t wait to tell her.


WE STAYED AT ONE of the most exclusive hotels in London. Certainly, no other one could compare with the views and luxury of The Lanesborough. The four of us shared a suite that was about 4,000 square feet. There were four bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen, and a dining room.

The floor-to-ceiling windows gave sweeping views of Wellington Arch and Green Park. Not only did we have our own 24-hour butler service, but a complimentary chauffeured Rolls Royce Phantom, too.

Besides the excitement of the hotel, the shopping and dining there was a dream come true for both Becky and I. Though we didn’t have a lot of time to shop around, she and I pitched in together to buy souvenirs for Nicole and Kate. It was a lot colder than in California, but Max had already warned us to bring thick coats.

The London Fashion Show was beyond what I imagined it to be. Max looked relaxed, compared to our last show. Perhaps I had made him nervous back then. Thankfully, he sent others he trusted to represent Knight Magazine so we could relax and enjoy the show. As for Becky, being that it was her first time in London and at a show, she was elated, and could hardly contain her excitement.

It was a short trip, but so amazing, we would never forget it. Having Matthew and Becky with us was an added bonus.

“Did you tell your parents about the engagement?” Becky asked from the kitchen.

“I did. They’re really excited about it, but they knew Max was going to propose. He had asked their permission behind my back.”

“Max is such a gentleman.”

“Yes, he is,” I agreed, recalling the night he proposed: the candles that were placed to spell out “Marry Me”, the romantic dinner, the sunset, the way he sang to me, and…Oh God, the whipped cream he ate off my body.

“What are you doing?” Becky asked, looking over my shoulder, glancing at the calendar that displayed on my phone. I had forgotten I was looking at it before my thoughts shifted to Max.

“I can’t remember my last period. I mean…I spotted, but it was very light. I think it was the stress of lawsuit and all.”

The sofa cushion shifted when Becky plopped next to me. “You’re being safe, right?”

It never changes; any mention of sex made my face flush. “Yes, Max always uses a condom.” I paused. “Well, except for a couple of times. Like on the stairs and….”

“Stairs?” Becky’s eyes grew wide. “You wild thing, you.”

I covered my eyes with my hands.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, Jenna. If Max only had sex with you on the bed, I would think he was boring. This is just more proof he’s smoking hot. Where else?” she snorted.

Squinting my eyes and biting my bottom lip, I said, “On the kitchen counter.”

“Wow, Jenna,” Becky said excitedly. “I never knew. Okay, you can stop there. I don’t even want to know anymore. I could bet next you’re going to say in his office, and that would be insane. But it’s his company after all.”

When I gave her my innocent smile, she shook her head like she was scolding me playfully. “You dirty girl. I can’t believe what Max has turned you into.”

“I know,” I giggled, then stopped laughing. “Seriously, I had been keeping track so I can go on the pill. I have an appointment this Friday.” I counted the days in my head, trying to figure out when I started to spot.

Suddenly Becky rushed into her room, and then came out with a small box.

“What is that?” I asked.

“Come here,” she gestured, and handed the box to me. “It’s a pregnancy test.”

“I’m not pregnant. There is no way that I am.” My voice was definite, with only a little hint of uncertainty. “Max never came inside me and I know there is a small chance he could’ve leaked, but I know when I ovulate.”

“It doesn’t matter. A small chance is still a chance. Just take the test. At least then you won’t have to worry.”

“I’m not worried. And why do you have this?”

“Oh.” Becky’s cheeks turned pink. “I had a little scare a while back. I was late, I was on and off the pill. Probably not a good idea.”

“Oh. Well, thanks.” It was all I could say as I walked away, closing the door of the bathroom behind me. After reading the instructions, I took one packet out, peeled the seal, and placed it under me as I peed on it.

How much was enough? I had no idea. I drenched it, placed the cap over it, and set it on the sink. At that moment, a cold chill froze me in place. The thought of being pregnant never occurred to me. We were safe except…but I was sure I wasn’t ovulating.

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