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“Jenna,” Max chuckled. “I’m going to assume this was Becky’s idea. Am I right? Do I need to thank her?”

“Shhh! You talk too much. Now enjoy.” Tugging his shorts off, I poured the lotion over my hand. From the first contact, Max made the most pleasurable sound. Oh, how I loved making him feel as good as he did for me. Stroking steadily, I let him kiss me and when I went faster, he bit my bottom lip. I could tell Max was nearing the point of no return, so I stopped.

Groaning with pleasure, Max succumbed under my control for the first time and it was gratifying to know that I could make him feel this way.

“My turn. I need to be inside you,” Max said. Before I could flinch, I realized Max had somehow untied himself. Taking off the blindfold and the tie completely, I found myself underneath him.

“Hey! I was having fun,” I whined, but Max thrust inside me before I could do or say anything else. I’d lost all sense of reality and time as he pumped away.

Cradling my head with his hands, Max looked lovingly into my eyes. I could see so much in that look—how much he wanted me, and cared for me, even as he pounded me faster.

“You’ve got me so hard, I can’t stop.” Max’s eyes darkened with passion, want, and the need for fulfillment. I would swear the whole world heard the sound that emanated from me. “Shit! I need to get a condom,” he muttered without stopping.

“Don’t stop, Max,” I begged.

As if I just gave him permission, he grabbed my bottom tightly and gave me all he had. When Max pulled out, he jerked and shuddered on top of me. Luckily, there was a hand towel on the nightstand. Max quickly wiped his release from us both, and cradled me into his arms. As our bodies linked flesh to flesh, I felt his chest rise and fall with mine. Out of breath and feeling as if I had just had an out of body experience, I peered up to his eyes when he brushed my hair away from my face.

“You little sex kitten. Where did you get those things?”

No longer role-playing, I suddenly became shy. “Online,” I answered, feeling my cheeks burn.

“We can look online together if you’d like,” Max suggested, almost sounding unsure, as if he didn’t know how I would react.

When I agreed, he chuckled happily, and cuddled me tighter. “Next time we have to be careful and use a condom.”

“I was going to go see my gynecologist and get on the pill.” Max’s reaction startled me. It was his angry tone that troubled me.

“You’re not on the pill?”

“No.” I sat up. “I wasn’t involved with anyone sexually, remember?”

Max relaxed when my voice sounded annoyed. “Jenna,” he said as he tenderly caressed my arm. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to raise my voice. More than anything, I want to make you my wife someday, and have a minivan full of children, but not now. I want us to have fun, see the world, and explore each other on every level. Having a baby right now would end all that. Babies are a lot of work. I know you know this.”

“I do, but even though you thought I was on the pill, you used a condom.”

“It’s a precautionary measure. I’ve always used one, and I always pull out even when I use one, but I guess with you, I wasn’t as vigilant.”

“Don’t worry; I’m sure we’re fine.” I plopped back into his arms, snuggling. “I’ll get on the pill.”

“You don’t have to,” Max caressed my check. “I’ll use a condom.”

“No. I like to feel all of you.” I laced my fingers through his hair, gazing at this handsome man, admiring his perfect features.

“I knew there was a wild side to you. It just needed a little encouragement. You really are my sex kitten. Seeing that side of you drives me crazy. I can’t help myself. It’s like I’m helping to mold this part of you and I get to watch and experience as you blossom.”

“Want to know what other naughty thing I did tonight?”

Max raised his brows, looking confused. “As long as there wasn’t another man involved, I think I can handle anything.”

“Don’t be silly,” I slapped him lightly. “You’re the only man in my life.”

“Good answer.” Max kissed the tip of my nose.

“I ran into Crystal at dinner.”

Max stiffened, but began to relax and even laughed out loud when I told him what had happened.


“I’LL GET IT,” I yelled. Looking through the peephole, I opened the door when I saw it was a delivery person. A cute college guy was holding two large vases filled with the most beautiful red roses and a little card sticking out of each bouquet.

“Becky Miller and Jenna Mefferd?” He was confirming.

“Yes, I’m Becky.” Taking the vases from his hands, I headed to the dining room table. After depositing the beautiful flowers on the table, I reached into my purse, grabbed five bucks and handed him a tip. I remembered how hard it was to make ends meet in college. “Here. Thank you.”

“Wow! Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Thanks,” I said and closed the door.

“Becky, who was at the door?” Jenna asked, and then stopped in front of the roses.

“One is for you and the other is for me,” I pointed, recalling a comment Matthew made a while back. He said I deserved bigger flowers and he did not disappoint. Our apartment began to smell like a beautiful rose garden. Seeing Jenna take her card out of the envelope, I did the same.

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