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“I want to kiss you so badly right now.” His eyes were begging for my permission as he licked and bit his lower lip, making me want to do the same thing to him.

I drilled my eyes into his with a look of wanting. “Then kiss me,” I whispered.

He didn’t wait any longer. Cupping my face, he slithered his tongue inside my mouth, and slammed me into the wall. His kiss was hot and steamy and that sensation went straight between my legs. The arms I had been holding against the wall for support were now around the nape of his neck. Gliding my hands along the curve of his muscles I had wanted to touch since the day I first saw him was beyond satisfying.

“Becca,” he managed to say between his kisses as his hand explored over my breast, around my waist, down to my ass, cupping it there as his hardness pressed into me. “I want you so much,” he growled.

The sound he was making pulled me over the edge and I moaned with him. Thank God, Jenna was at Max’s place. Wanting more of him, I started to pull his shirt up so he would get the message, but instead, he loosened his grip on me. His kisses trailed to my cheek, my jaw line…kissing and nipping…down to my neck. Then, suddenly, he backed away breathlessly, looking at me as if he decided he had made a mistake.

“Sorry…I…I shouldn’t have done that.” He raked his fingers through his hair, looking confused. Then he ran out the door.

What just happened? He just left.





Unbelievable. What the hell! Leaning my back against the wall for support, I slid down to the floor and placed both of my hands over my face. I will not cry! I will not cry! I will not cry! Feeling humiliated, the stern talk I gave myself didn’t work, as I felt the uncontrollable sting of the pain in my heart twisting deeper. Then the tears came. Why do I let ass**les into my heart? There was only one answer. I was an ass**le magnet. I always was.


THE DOOR CRASHED OPEN. My heart leapt out of my chest. In fear for my life, thinking it was a burglar, I was ready to bolt to my room, but I was still stuck to the floor.

“Why is the door still unlocked?” Matthew hollered as he walked in. His eyes froze on me for a second, but then he swiftly came toward me looking concerned. “Are you okay?”

He tried to lift me up, but I slapped his hands away. “Why did you come back?” I ranted, burning my gaze into him with venom. Somehow, we were face-to-face and I was standing. How the hell was I standing and how does he do that without me even knowing? Damn his beautiful eyes that I always get lost in.

“Were you crying?” his eyes and his attitude became soft. He lifted his hand to wipe my tears.

“Don’t touch me.” I smacked his hand away and shoved him, but he didn’t budge. Since he didn’t even attempt to give me space, I pushed him harder and when that didn’t work, I started to get a little more aggressive and drummed on his chest.

Matthew gripped both of my arms and pinned them high above my head on the wall. “Had enough?” he asked in a calm tone.

“No,” I spat. “I don’t want you here. Leave.” I turned and twisted to release myself from his grasp, but it didn’t work.

“No.” His expression was stern.

“Then I’ll scream,” I threatened, hoping he would let go.

“I can make you scream all night.” His tone came off too playful.

How is it possible that just his words make me almost orgasm? “Go away.”

“Not until I know you’re okay.”

“I’ll be fine when you leave. Why did you come back?”

“Because I didn’t want you to think I don’t like you.” His hand was strong enough to hold both of my wrists in place while the other hand slid down my back, making me forget what he had just said.

“What?” I snorted. That was the strangest thing he’d said when he was the one that left. “Well, you shouldn’t have bothered, ’cause I don’t like you.”

“That’s okay. I have plenty of like for the both of us.”

“You’re insane.” I blinked.

“You’re insanier.”

“That’s not a word.”

“I don’t care.” he shrugged. “But you on the other hand should care, because you lied to me about having a boyfriend and you’re a thief.” His hand slowly slid down to my waist, then to my back again.

“How am I a thief?”

“Cause you stole a tiny piece of my heart when I didn’t want to give it to you.”

“Then that’s your fault. You were a willing victim. I’m not giving you any piece of mine.”

“I’m not asking for it.” His hand wrung tightly on the back of my dress, causing me to gasp.


“Good,” he repeated, releasing my hand. “Now I’m going to kiss you; but if you don’t want—”

Before he could finish, I broke free from his hand and grabbed a fistful of his hair. “Shut up. You talk too much.” Then I crushed my lips on his in hunger, madness, and hurt. I could already see how this was going to end, but I didn’t care. I wanted him, even if it was just for one night. He gave me that tiny piece of his heart and that was enough. Though he didn’t know it, I already had given him mine. Now who was the unwilling victim here?

Matthew suddenly pulled back, pulled his shirt over his head and not an ounce of shyness marked his face. I had already seen it once before, but good Lord have mercy. Just the view of his chest drove me crazy. Still drilling his eyes on me, he pulled my dress and my bra down at the same time, leaving me exposed. Now I knew what he had been doing with his hands while I was so busy spitting my words at him. He was already unhooking my bra.

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