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After a quick glance at myself in the mirror to make sure I looked presentable, I headed out the door when someone tapped me from behind.

“Excuse me, are you Jenna?”

She looked very familiar: tall, blonde and beautiful. Her dress was very revealing and the color of it reminded me of…yes…she was the rude woman that had bumped into me earlier, but there was something else. One of the models I had seen at the New York Fashion Show, perhaps?

Peering up, I smiled and nodded. “Yes, I’m Jenna. Can I help you?”

Her expression changed to something I had not expected. Her stoic face became aggressive and she leaned into me like a bully. “If I were you, I would leave Max right now before things get ugly. He’ll eventually run back to me. He always did. Just fair warning, we don’t want your precious heart to get broken again.”

My pulse shot up as I stood frozen, not believing what I was hearing. Not believing that I had run into Crystal again. I only had a quick glance of her that time I saw her at Max’s penthouse, but how could I have forgotten that face? Knowing the right thing to do was to walk out, I started heading toward the exit when she spoke again.

“Max didn’t tell you, did he?”

That caught my attention. “Tell me what?” My tone was hostile now, as anger and curiosity boiled inside me. I told myself I should walk away, that I shouldn’t listen to her nonsense, but I couldn’t help myself.

“We’re getting back together. He’s just trying to find the right time to let you go. I suggest you break up with him first. That way it will be easier for him. I see what he saw in you…sweet and innocent, but you were just a shiny new toy he wanted to play with. But now, he’s bored with you.”

All of a sudden, I was back at the penthouse when I first saw her and the hurtful words she had said. Even the break room conversation popped up, ‘what do you think will happen,’ and all sorts of thoughts fluttered my mind. I had to speak to Max.

“Excuse me. I have to go,” I said and turned. Why was I being polite?

Before I could leave, she grabbed my arm. “He’s not satisfied. No one can satisfy Max the way I do. You’ll see. Run while you can.”

I’m not the violent type but I wanted to slap her face to get her off me. Yanking my arm free, I swiftly walked out of there. With every step toward Max, my heart pounded harder and faster against my chest. With every step, my anger grew. I had my suspicions ever since the lunchroom encounter, but I dismissed it, thinking it was just rumors, but now I knew for sure he was hiding something from me.

“Jenna.” Someone grabbed my arm, pulling me to the side of the bar. I thought it was Max. “How have you been? You look great?”

“Ethan? I’m great. How about you? You haven’t changed a bit.” Ethan was a college friend. He was one of the first friends I had met. Our friendship took a turn when he wanted more from me. It had been a while since I last saw him. Though he looked like he hadn’t aged much, he plumped up a bit, and looked like he was losing some hair.

“What are you up to?” he asked, wrapping his arms around another woman.

That was a relief. He wasn’t going to hit on me. “I’m working for Knight Fashion Magazine.”

His eyes grew wide. “Really. I used to work for their competitor, Rave. This is my wife, Kim.”

“Hello, Kim. It’s nice to meet you.” We shook hands. She had a pretty smile. “Ethan is a lucky man.”

Kim smiled. “We’re both lucky to have each other. It wasn’t all smooth at the beginning, but we pulled through.”

Okay, I sure didn’t need to know THAT much information, but whatever the problem was, I was happy for them. “Ethan. I need to go find someone.”

“Wait. Don’t tell me you’re the Jenna dating Maxwell Knight?”

“How did you know?”

He stood silent with a blank stare for a moment. I began to worry. Then Ethan flashed me a short grin. “He was my nemesis,” he chuckled lightly. “Let’s have lunch when you get a chance. Here’s my business card.”

“Thanks.” I retrieved the card from his hand. “That would be great. It was nice meeting you Kim. Hope to see you at lunch too someday.” With that, I took off again, heading straight for the front exit.

“Thank you,” I said to the bouncer who politely opened the door for me. I didn’t even look at him as I rushed out. Hugging my shawl from this dreadful cold, I shivered as I looked for Max.

Strangely, there were tons of people out here. What were they doing? My answer came when a bunch of lights started flashing before my eyes, blinding me. The clicking sound was a sure sign they were taking pictures. This had to be a case of mistaken identity. They must have thought that I was someone else, but when I heard my name, and all the questions thrown at me at once, I became immobilized.

“Miss Mefferd, what do you think about the lawsuit?” one shouted.

“How do you feel about Max’s past?”

“Were you the reason Max broke up with Crystal?”

Backing up with my eyes covered, trying to get back into the club, I shouted for Max. When I heard the blasting sound of the music, I knew the door had swung open.

“Jenna!” Max called.

More flashes and questions drowned out whatever he had said. “Get the f**k away from her!” Max yelled. He said it several more times before he was able to get to me. Covering me with his body, we went back into the club. He told the bouncer not to let any of them in. Then he tipped the other bouncers nearby, asking them to escort us out to the car.

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