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“You want me inside?” he taunted, hovering over me, giving me that confident smirk. He knew he had the power to seduce me, to fulfill me, to dissolve me, to take me completely.

“Yes,” I squirmed.

Max slowly moved off the bed and casually took off the rest of his clothes. Turning to me, he shifted my body so fast; I was in a ready position. After he got me completely naked, he put on a condom and anchored his body on top of mine. Brushing the hair from my face, he glided his finger over the diamond pendant necklace he had gotten me for Christmas.

“Merry Christmas, babe,” he said, looking lovingly into my eyes. Again, the city lights shone dimly, reflecting in his eyes. I could see the sincerity of what he said next. “I love you, Jenna. You are my forever.”

Then…BAM! He was in me, making me gasp and suck in air. He rocked to the rhythm of our bodies pressed together as our eyes locked. Max took it slow at first, giving me that irresistible smile. When he started to pump faster, I had no control and my eyes naturally closed, as I took in all that he had to offer. He was filling me up with his love, his passion, his need…all of him. I was expanding, bursting.

Max was full of energy tonight. It seemed endless as he pounded into me again and again. Cradling me, he went deeper and faster, until I was sure the room had started to spin. His deep groan filled my ears, telling me he was at the point of no return. We were both high in the state of ecstasy, both bursting to the core…climaxing…fulfilling with no limits. Wanting to explode, my moaning grew louder.

“No one can hear you, babe. Scream louder for me,” Max said in between heavy breaths. Pushing me further up on the bed, he bent from his knees, lifting my butt with both of his hands. Half my body was on the bed; the other half lifted in the air.

As the mattress bounced and the bed frame rattled, he rocked my world to no end. Tears started to stream down from the corners of my eyes and I had no idea why. Feeling drained, but wanting more, my fingers dug into the sheets as my pulse intensified. Then my hands reached for his hard, defined chest, but I was unable to grip it. My hands didn’t belong to me anymore, neither did my body, heart or soul. Every part of me belonged to Max.

Taking all of what he was giving me, I let myself go. When Max pulled out, my body shuddered from withdrawal. Panting, Max held me to his chest and kissed my lips. “Merry Christmas, Jenna. I think I may be worthy tonight,” he chuckled softly as his naked body vibrated against mine.

“Merry Christmas, Max. You are more than worthy,” I replied out of breath, snuggling to mold my body to his, as we shared a sweet moment of laughter together.


HAVING THE APARTMENT TO myself was nice; I was slowly getting used to it. I was the one that was usually traveling to book conventions or not coming home for whatever reasons. Regardless, though I missed Jenna, the peace and quiet was appealing.

It was the first time I had spent Christmas alone, but I didn’t mind. We had celebrated the day before so it wasn’t a big deal that I was alone on Christmas day. Unable to sleep last night, I decided to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” They play this every single year and somehow, I ended up watching it every single year.

Leaning over to my nightstand, I looked at my phone; I had gotten texts from my friends, all wishing me a Merry Christmas. They must have sent them late last night. Though Christmas was over, I wished them all the same back.

I was just about to kick back in bed, when there was a knock at the door. Putting my robe on, I looked in the mirror and quickly fingered through my hair to look presentable. Oh well, it must be a delivery.

“Coming,” I yelled when I heard another knock, louder this time, so impatient! Looking through the peephole, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Knowing I would be looking, Matthew showed me all of his white teeth.

Opening the door half way and hiding behind it as much as I could, I tried to greet him without coming off rude. “Yes?”

“You’re still in bed,” he exclaimed, scouring his eyes over me. “I should’ve come earlier.”

“Max isn’t here. Earlier?”

“Open the door, Becca or I’ll let myself in. We have things to do. I know where Max is.” As Matthew took a step toward me, I had no choice but to back away.

“We?” I crossed my arms and stood next to my bedroom door while Matthew leaned against the dining table. “I don’t recall ‘we’ made any plans; and don’t you have to work?”

“When you work for yourself, you can set your own time. Kind of like you. Besides, we’re a little slow since it’s the day after Christmas, so we gave everyone the day off.”

“That’s nice,” I said sincerely, nodding my head, wondering why he’d come.

Matthew cleared his throat and did a once over on me with his eyes. “Are you going to stand there and undress for me or are you going to get some clothes on?” He curled his lips into a cocky smirk, and then sat on the chair.

What did he just say? “What?” I stammered. Since he kept making me flush with embarrassment from his comments and actions, I decided to return the favor. Not knowing how this would play out, I built up the courage and swayed my hips as I sashayed my way toward him. I pretended to be one of the characters I just read about. It was easier to be bold when role playing. “Maybe, I’ll undress for you,” I said in my most seductive tone.

Matthew looked completely surprised; his eyes growing wider with every step I took. My sexy stride toward him appeared to fill him with a look of passion. Still keeping my eyes locked onto his as my tongue sensually glided across my bottom lip, I pulled the tie allowing my robe to fall open slightly, but not all the way, as I stood in front of him.

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