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Everyone listened intently, laughing and smiling at the details of our conversations. I told them about how I spilled water on Max and what he said, and how sweet he was to my parents. “And you want to know what he did after we got home?” I asked, feeling heat rise to my face.

As if I was reliving what Max had done, my body quivered and I swear I felt a burst of energy between my legs, and a jolt to my clit. Oh my God! It felt so real. Running my hand down my face, I got ready to tell them. I couldn’t believe I was going to share this intimate detail with my friends. In a way I felt like I was exposing him…exposing us.

“So what happened?” Nicole blurted, leaning closer, as if she could get it out of me faster.

“Okay…okay.” I swallowed. Then the waitress came with our food. Wow, that was fast. We looked at each other in surprise. Stabbing a chicken slice, Kate stared at me as the waitress left.

“Don’t leave us hanging.”

“Okay,” I giggled again, stalling to reveal the can of worms I opened up. I’d never been open about the topic of sex before. I was the one with open ears most of the time while they did the talking. “After we got home, we went upstairs. Max took off everything but his shirt. Before I could undress, he picked me up and took me into the shower.

“I screamed, getting all wet with my clothes on. Then he said all seductively, ‘You spilled the cup of water on me. You want me wet, Jenna?’ We were both completely soaked and he looked hot under the running water while his white dress shirt clung to every curve of his muscles. Then we…well… you know what happened after that.”

“Oh my God, you have a better sex life than I do. How did that happen?” Kate swallowed.

“I need a cold drink just thinking about it, but I don’t want to think about you and Max,” Nicole laughed, placing her cold drink on her cheeks. “I need to cool down.”

“I wonder if Matthew is like Max,” Becky snorted, but stopped when I looked at her with questioning eyes. “I didn’t mean anything by that…you know…cause they’re brothers,” she explained.

When it looked like I didn’t buy her story, she nudged me and I understood that as “no need to explain further.”

“Enough about my sex life. Let’s exchange gifts so Kate can get home,” I suggested, taking a bite of my salad, since I had barely eaten. Pulling out my shopping bag, I handed out their presents. “Let’s open mine first.”

With the ripping sound, they peeled the thin layers of the wrapping that covered each small box.

“Awww…Jenna. This is so beautiful,” Becky raved, putting on the bracelet I got for her.

“This is beautiful,” Kate smiled. “Look. It even has our names on each heart charm.”

“This is so sweet of you. I totally love it,” Nicole squealed.

“I bought one for myself, too. Now we all have something sentimental that bonds the four of us.”

“You’re so cute and sweet. That’s why we love you,” Becky said, giving me a sideways hug.

I couldn’t have been happier. They loved the engraved bracelets I got for them. Then it was Becky’s turn. She got a scarf for everyone, but she said she left mine at home. No big deal, but I wondered what she was up to. It was a tradition to open our gifts together before Christmas. Kate bought each of us a cashmere sweater from Banana Republic. Mine was red, Nicole’s was purple, and Becky’s was black.

Nicole bought us each a Swarovski clear heart, hand-made necklace. She explained one of her co-workers made jewelry during the holidays. Not only was it beautiful, it sparkled like a real diamond. When it caught the candlelight, it gave off the hues of the surrounding colors.

After dinner, we hugged tightly, wishing each other the best Christmas. Secretly, I slipped an envelope attached to a small box in Kate’s purse. It was a baby’s first Christmas card and baby’s first Christmas ornament I bought at Things to Remember. Since Becky and I drove in separate cars, I told her that I would meet her at home.

“YOU HAVE A MINUTE?” Becky asked, as we entered our apartment.

“Sure, let me call Max to let him know I’m home.” After I took off my coat and placed it on the sofa, I took my phone out of my purse and leaned against the dining table.

“What’s wrong?” Becky asked.

I didn’t know she was watching me. “It’s Luke. He’s stopped texting me every day, but it’s still annoying.”

“Does Max know?” Becky sauntered to the Christmas tree and lit it up, then picked up a box.

The Christmas tree brightened up the room. I couldn’t help but smile from the sight. The meaning of Christmas filled my heart and peace flowed through me. It reminded me to be forgiving and to have more patience, especially with people like Luke.

“No, I don’t want him to worry or do something crazy. I’d figured Luke would eventually get the message. Why is it when you’re not available, you’re wanted more? I don’t get it.” I let out a short laugh. “He had his chance.”

“Maybe you should change your phone number,” Becky suggested, handing me a gift box she was holding. “This is for you. I didn’t want you to open it in front of Nicole and Kate because I knew how embarrassed you’d be. Plus, I don’t think it’s appropriate to display this in front of people at a restaurant.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “What did you get me?”

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