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He didn’t respond, but his hand pushed mine away from my forehead. “Shit, Becca. Did I do that to you?”

Instead of responding, I asked him the same question again. “What are you doing here?”

“I told you to lock the door. Why didn’t you lock the door?” he demanded to know, checking my forehead for possible bruises, I assumed. “Sorry,” he said sincerely. What he did next made me lose myself into him. He embraced me tenderly and gently kissed my forehead. It was brief, but it meant something and I could feel that it meant something to him too, when I heard a soft sigh. In that moment, I felt utterly safe. In that moment, we connected at another level. In that moment, I had fallen a little bit deeper.

With another kiss on my forehead, he whispered, “Sweet dreams, Becca. And lock the door now.”

As soon as he left, I locked the door right away. I wasn’t about to have him barge through again; and sure enough, I heard the doorknob rattle. He was extremely protective, but I liked that he was…maybe a bit too much.


AFTER PICKING UP MY parents from the airport, I dropped them off at their hotel to get settled in, and I went back to work for a couple of hours before we would meet up again for dinner. I had offered to pick them up, but dad insisted they take a taxi since it was so close. He also said they were planning to rent a car the next day, but Max had already asked his driver to take care of their needs daily so the company’s driver was at their beck and call.

Max had made reservations at one of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles, and we had agreed that he would drive me there. Glancing over at Max while he focused on the road, I studied him. He looked so deliciously handsome in his dark gray suit; I was trying hard not to think of him naked.

We had talked about him meeting my parents, but he never mentioned how he felt about it. Maybe it’s different for men. I could recall how nervous I felt meeting his family, so I wondered if Max felt the same. He sure didn’t look it. Though I didn’t let him know, I was nervous enough for us both. There wasn’t a doubt that my parents would adore him, it was the other way around. Hopefully, Max would like them just as much.

My parents had never met anyone I was dating, since all my dates were after I was in college. I just hoped they wouldn’t ask too many unwanted questions, especially my mom. My dad was the quiet type, so at least I knew he wouldn’t be the one initiating the conversation.

Sitting tall, looking straight ahead with both hands on the steering wheel, Max looked all business and ready to attack the world. How I loved this side of him. It gave me the shivers; like no one could touch him and he could make anything happen.

“Don’t stare at me, Jenna,” Max said lightly. His lips curled playfully.

“I’m not staring, and how do you know?” I giggled. I wasn’t good at fibbing.

“Even though I’m looking straight ahead, I can feel your every move. That’s how in tune my body is with yours. I always know.”

“Oh.” It was all I could say as I took in his words, liking what he’d said.

“But I don’t mind,” he said while his thumb tenderly and seductively stroked mine. The touch was so innocent, loving, yet so sensual, it made me want him at that very moment, as I could already feel his hands on my body. When we reached our destination, Max pulled into valet parking. After getting out of the car, he held my hand and led me to the entrance.

Since we were ten minutes early, we sat in the waiting area near the front. He didn’t want to seem rude and sit at our table first, especially since this was a first meeting.

When I spotted my parents walking through the door, I stood up and Max did the same.

“Mom…Dad,” I greeted. I hugged Mom first then Dad, then turned to Max. “This is Max.”

“It’s such a pleasure to meet you, Max,” Mom said, shaking his hand. She was smiling from ear to ear. “I’ve heard so much about you, I feel like I already know you.”

Then it was Dad’s turn. “Hello, Max,” he said shaking his hand.

“How was your trip?” Max asked.

“Just fine,” Mom smiled. “Thank you for asking.”

“Good,” Max said and raised his hand to get the hostess’s attention.

My nerves had settled quickly when our dinner talk proved to be nothing but laughter and great conversation. I could tell Mom wanted to ask him more questions than needed, but Max was a good sport, trying to let her see that he was the right person for me in a very subtle way.

“Max, do you like children?” Mom asked, clearing her throat, knowing I would get mad at her for asking such a question at their first meeting. Frowning, I gave her the evil eye. Too bad she wasn’t sitting across from me, or I would have nudged her with my foot. Trying to calm my nerves back down again, knowing Mom was rolling on with her questions, I took a sip of my water.

“Children? What are those?” Max blurted.

Oh my God! He did not say that. I almost spit out my drink. Thankfully, I was able to swallow before he said anything else, but my hand slipped just as I placed my cup down, and I spilled my water. My reflexes kicked in, but it was too late. It happened so fast, some spilled on Max’s pants. He didn’t realize it was even happening, until he heard the glass slam on the table, and by that time, he couldn’t have stopped the water flow unless he was Superman.

“Jenna?” My mom squealed.

“I’m so sorry.” I looked at Max as I held my napkin, ready to help and ignoring my mom. I was so embarrassed, I didn’t know whether to touch him or just let it be. He was already standing, wiping himself off. Luckily, the cloth napkin was across his lap, so the water just barely soaked through his pants. It would dry by the time we went home.

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