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“Good morning, sunshine.” His eyes were drunk with blissfulness and yearning as he stared back at me. He glowed from the sunlight that seeped through the window, perfectly outlining his body, looking like a mirage. Lost in his eyes, I sunk deeply into the mattress.

Purposely rubbing his hardness against me, his lips traced up my neck. “Do you want me inside you?” His hot breath scalded my ear, sending scorching fire straight between my legs and spreading through every fiber of my being.

As my ni**les hardened, moaning sounds escaped my mouth. Unexpectedly, Max placed both of his hands around my waist, scooping me up into his arms.

“Where are we going?” I asked, breathlessly.

“To the shower, babe, a nice long, hot shower; and I’m not talking about the temperature. I’m going to wake you up. We need to get ready for work.”

Oh shoot! I had forgotten about work. My eyes shot open, wide and alert from the reality of his words. Max must have felt my body tense.

“Don’t worry. We have plenty of time to get to work now that you’re working with my brother. But don’t let him boss you around, or else I’ll have some serious ass kicking to do.”

Gently, he placed me down so my feet touched the cold marble of the shower floor. There were two separate shower heads, and though we were standing in the middle, the water spouting out from both sides still didn’t touch us.

After he tested the temperature, he stripped us both naked and pulled me into his chest under one spout. The warmth from the water and having Max’s strong hands gliding over my back completely dissolved me. We had showered together many times, but it didn’t matter; I was just as shy as the first time.

Max poured the shampoo on my hair and started to massage my scalp. The feeling was soothing and relaxing. I was lost in his touch but the smell of lavender filling my nose, awakened me. Shifting my body, my back was to his chest. He tilted my head and rinsed my hair. Then, he poured liquid soap into his hands and started lathering my neck, massaging my shoulders, and trailing down to my br**sts. He glided down my stomach, around my butt, slowly sliding down my legs…gently, feather light, causing all sorts of hyper sensations.

The whole time his hands explored my body, my knees wanted to give out. Every muscle felt like jelly, and I could not control the urge any longer. Turning around, I slammed my mouth into his, taking in some water. As our tongues swirled and tasted each other, my hands ran over his hard chest, around his broad shoulders, and down his back. He had a body any man would die for and any woman would love to touch. I closed my eyes, but I was very aware of him as I rubbed his erection, making him growl, a masculine sound that made me want him even more.

Max took a fist full of my hair and forced my mouth away from his. “What do you want, Jenna?” he whispered. His eyes were dark and full of lust.

Watching water drip down his face like rain, onto his hard, defined pecs, was so incredible sexy. I wondered if he might disappear as I continued to stare, mentally framing this vision in my mind. Finally breaking away from his gaze, I pressed my hand on the glass in front of me without answering him. Swaying seductively from side to side, I spread my legs for him while my back was toward him.

A hot, territorial groan escaped Max’s throat, and that alone made me combust. Rubbing his dick against my ass, teasing me, taking his time, I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned my head to the side and looked at him. “Max,” I managed to say, desperately asking him to be inside me with my yearning eyes.

He gave me a wicked grin and slapped me once on my ass at the same time he took me. The combination made me gasp so hard and fast, it sent erotic passion straight through to my core and had my head spinning. Gradually penetrating in and out, he was slowly building me to climax. While pressing his chest on my back, he had one hand squeezing my nipple and the other teasing the hell out of my clit. He knew exactly what to do to drive me crazy.

Seeing my ragged breath fog up the glass, my grip on his hand was my sign that I could not take it any longer.

“You want it faster, Jenna?” he asked through his gritted teeth as he heaved through water dripping on his body. Nodding was not an answer for him. “Say it,” he demanded, as he pumped just little faster, but not enough.

As shy as I was, and being the type of girl that would never ask for it, I was building up the courage to tell him what I wanted, because Max made me it easy for me. He was breaking me out of my shyness and I loved every bit of it. It was a big step for me. I turned my head just enough for him to see my face, and finally, I demanded it. “Faster, Max.”

That put a huge satisfied smile on his face and he didn’t hesitate after that. He swung me around, and lifted me up. Wrapping my legs around his waist, my back anchored against the marble wall, and his hand on my behind supported my weight. Then he drove into me hard and fast. My center sizzled at first from the sensation, then exploded deliciously throughout my body so fast I thought I was going to detonate.

He rode me harder and faster, never taking his loving eyes off me, filling me until I couldn’t take it anymore. My hands on his back were now clawing into him and I knew I was digging too deep when I heard him groan. Still inside me, he shifted us over so my back was now against the glass.

The glass shook and vibrated from Max’s rhythm, the same rhythm as my hammering heart, drumming delicious, pleasurable beats. I swear I thought the glass was going to shatter underneath us. Max sucked my lip as the water fell on our faces, and I sucked his back. We were licking, nipping, and tasting each other as if we were starving. Panting, we were out of breath as the glass completely fogged up.

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